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The plant RTI — group "RTP"

The group of companies "RTP" was founded in 1998 as an enterprise specializing in the production of rubber products. We carry out orders on RTI for Central regions and for regions of Russia and CIS countries.

Manufacture of rubber products

Assortment of the enterprise includes several thousand names and standard sizes of rubber and rubber seals for demanding oil and gas processing, and petrochemical and chemical plants. Timely production of rubber products and supply quality products RTI that meets all the requirements of the customer is our main goal.

Manufactured rubber products

Our factory of rubber products ( RTI plant ) produces stem packing and seals cylinder sleeves, rings, cuffs, gaskets, rubber and rubber-gaskets, valve cap and sleeve cylinder, diaphragm hydroprotection, bellows and cuff of mechanical seals and other rubber products. We accept orders for production of rubber goods of non-standard sizes.

Plant RTI also produced the rubber compound, heat-resistant rubber, fluoride rubber, fluorine-containing elastomer rubber, membranes and reinforced rubber, rubber mixture based on imported rubbers Viton, Kalrez.